Brain enhancement – the importance of proper functioning of the organ!

Low energy consumption, memory impairment, attention, mood and mind disorders are an epidemic in our modern society. The weakening of brain functions affects all areas of our lives, including business productivity, interpersonal relationships and general perspectives. That’s why there is a high importance of brain enhancement for any human.

All the symptoms of brain activity lowering that require attention

Cognitive disorders are the most common neurological symptom, signaling that normal brain function is impaired. This directly affects the ability of rational knowledge of the world.

Symptoms of the disorder:
1. Attention. Man can no longer allocate important information from the general flow, inability to concentrate.
2. Perception. It becomes impossible to perceive information from the external environment.
3. Memory. The ability to preserve and reproduce the information obtained is impaired.
4. Psychomotor function. The ability to perform any motor skills (drawing, writing, driving) is lost.
5. Intelligence. The analysis of information, the ability to make inferences is disrupted.

Some ways of how to effectively boost brain activity for its better work

1. Brain training improves neural connections of the brain and creates a reserve of intellectual power. Do special exercises for the development of memory, start learning foreign languages, do crosswords and solve mathematical tasks, play games that develop thinking.
2. Proper eating. It is known that to work the brain needs sugar. It is better to eat foods that contain natural starch and sugars: potatoes, beans, rice, black bread, nuts, etc. You should also drink more liquid and eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
3. The use of reading to improve the efficiency of the brain is known to everyone. Reading not only increases the concentration of attention, but also stimulates the imagination.
4. Distract, rest and sleep. Working without rest always leads to loss of efficiency.
5. Refuse bad habits. Tobacco and alcohol reduce the level of efficiency, the amount of work performed, and also worsen their quality.
6. Force yourself as much as possible to move. Daily exercise will help improve the elasticity of blood vessels and blood circulation, help restore lost neuronal connections and promote the appearance of new ones, which will lead to an improvement in the brain’s ability to work.
7. Brain enhancing drugs. There are a lot of medicaments that may quickly help to boost brain activity.

Useful tips for people who are suffering from cognitive impairment

1. Pay attention to how you sleep. It is important that the circulation in the vessels of the neck was not disturbed by the unfortunate position of the head. If you already have problems with blood supply to the brain, it is advisable to purchase an orthopedic pillow.
2. Sleep at least six hours a day. Lack of rest leads to the physical death of brain cells and malfunctions in the neurochemical balance of the brain. As a result, memory and intellect deteriorate; headaches and mood disorders.
3. During the periods of great mental stress, try to eat well and avoid diets.
4. Activation of the brain is well promoted by slopes, especially for “sedentary” workers. They can be done without difficulty during the whole working day.
5. You can get rid of muscle tension and mental fatigue by massaging the whiskey with circular movements of three fingers.